Hello wordpress.com

So I rediemed my invite so here I am on wordpress.com.

I’m still undecided on what I’m gonna do with my cool new blogspace, one thing I’ve always prided myself with on my website is that I published 80% usefull content and 20% rubbish, rather than the usual standard of 20% useful & 80% rubbish – wordpress.org exempt of course that 100% great 😉

My first impressions of wordpress.com is that it looks slicker , I’m guessing that’s the new 1.6 code, check out this new preview pane.

Preview of Post on wordpress.com

Looking good is a good start, but no spellchecker ! – that could impact on the usability ! Anyway, I need to get back to thinking – what to do, what to do 🙂


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I'm a mac/ linux nut who spends too much time playing with his PS3. I'm trained in network security and not afriad to use it ;-)

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