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So i’ve thought of what to do with my account, I’d like to provide the world with a screen shot gallery of what looks like.

I found lorelle’s great post on what can you do with , and thought’d it’d be nice to expand on what actually looks like Graphically 😉

So here’s a golden ticket… golden ticket

So, you’ve lucky enough to have one 😉 – You Click on the link, fill in the form, and voilia welcome to

look you’ve an official member 😎

blog & wordpess lovers everywhere will recognise this default theme Default Theme & look for a user but the dashborad is where things will start to change, now the new dashboard is too big for me to fit on my screen, so I’ve broken it up into 2 screen shots, the top half is like “you control panel” and the bottom is like a “community bulliten” of interesting blogs on 😎

Top of Dashboard Bottom of Dashboard

You’ll notice the slick new theme as well. So lets look at the important stuff, writing a post, how smart if this java-scripty-thingy , by far the most improoved aspect is the picture handling, actually the whole feel of use it very gmail. writing a post

The Manage & link pages follow the same format as before, just themed

Manage a Post Links

The new themes section very nice, check out the previews, this new dashboard really is targeted as user experience. Themes Dashboard

I guess the last thing to show is the profile page, not because it’s anything special, but more because it’s new, “all about me” is essential for a comminity portal 😉 Profile

Well I hope you like my little picture gallery of


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I'm a mac/ linux nut who spends too much time playing with his PS3. I'm trained in network security and not afriad to use it ;-)


2 thoughts on “Getting started Gallery of”

  1. It’s a cute gallery. Be sure and take advantage of the horrid use of the align="right" attribute (it’s deprecated but in that’s all we got to control the float of images) to float the images to the left and right to make it easier to read.

    And realize that all of these screenshots are subject to change since the program is still in alpha test mode. Gets you wondering what all of this will look like when it finally gets to beta test mode – and then what it will look like when it is finally released for everyone. WOW!

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